Significant achievements for the month of September & October, 2019

Dr. V. Hari Kumar, SMS (Horticulture) visited FLD on Cashew  based intercropping at Tikkabai village on 20th September, 2019. The ginger and Turmeric crops were cultivated in cashew orchards. The crops are in vegetative stage. Suitable measures were recommended to the farmer

Dr.v.Hari kumar SMS visited FLD 20 september 2019

Y. Balachandra, SMS (Crop Production) visited FLD on Demonstration of Improved variety MTU 1075, MTU 1156 in paddy at Durbili (18.09.2019),  Manda (27.09.2019) and Vanjarapuguda (26.09.2019) villages. Crop is at tillering stage and slightly effected with leaf folder pest, based on that the farmer is advised to spray This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. /ltr

y.balachandra visited FLD

paddy crop at vanjarapuguda village

Paddy crop at Durbili village

Paddy crop at Vanjarapuguda village

Y. Balachandra, SMS (Crop Production) visited OFT on Fall army worm management in Maize at Vanjarapuguda village on 17.09.2019.. 10-15% of the crop is damaged by fall army worm and suggested suitable IPM measures to control the incidence

maize at vanjarapuguda

10-15 of the crop is damaged

Y. Balachandra, SMS (Crop Production) visited FLD on Demonstration of  LRG -52 In Red gram at Gorada village on 23.09.2019. Crop is at vegetative stage and suggested IPM practices for Maruka pest management.

demonstration of LRG-52

IPM practices for Maruka pest management

Nutrigarden demonstration plot at Pellivalasa village visited by A. Neelima, RA (Home Science) on 05.09.2019. Crops are in vegetative to flowering stage, suggested neem oil spray for control of diseases.

nutrigarden demonstration plot

A.Neelima RA on 05.09.2019

Massive Tree plantation drive:

Massive tree plantation drive was observed by KVK in collaboration with Dept. of Forest. 988 plants were planted and 86 farmers attended the programme on 17.09.2019. 380 plants were planted in KVK orchards by the farmers.

Massive tree plantation drive

kvk collaboration with deptof forest

988 plants were planted

86 farmers attended the programme on 17.09.2019

Webcast on single use plastic-disadvantages:

Live webcast on the disadvantages of single use plastic was organized to the farmers followed by the film show on degradable and Non-degradable plastic materials. 62 farmers participated in the programme.

Webcast on Single use plastic

62  Farmers Participated in the Programme

Swatchata Pakwada:

Swachhta Pakwada was observed from 01.09.2019 to 15.09.2019 by KVK staff and organise orientation and awareness programme in adopted villages and schools, anganwadi centres and public places on the importance of Hygiene and sanitation and protection from musquitos, safe drinking water and rain water harvesting, soil conservation methods. Activities on cleanliness of surroundings and premises by collecting plastic waste and disposing them properly were also conducted. Rally by RAWEP students on Swachhata Hi Sewa organised.

Swatchata Pakwada

KVK staff and orgnaise orientatiom

Awarness Programme in Adopted villages

Activites on cleanliness of surrondings

RAWEP Programme-2019:

RAWEP  students from college of Agriculture Naira (17 students) and Yerran Naidu college, Echarla (5) students were allotted to KVK  Rastakuntubai and orientation programme to the students was organised on 18.09.2019 at KVK by the KVK scientists and RAWEP PR. Students were allotted 5 villages out of which 2 villages are DFI villages.

RAWEP students from college

Oirentaton programme to  the students

National Animal Disease control Programme (NADCP):

The programme was organised at KVK on 11.09.2019 in convergence with dept of Animal Husbandry. 60 farmers from KVK adopted villages who have cattle and sheep participated in the programme. The Joint Director, Animal Husbandry along with supporting staff participated and oriented the farmers about various animal diseases and control measures. Vaccination of PPR & FMD and artificial insemination to cattle was done after the programme.

Joint direcotr and staff participated and orientated the farmers

60 farmers adopted kvk villages

farmers about various animal diseases

programme was organised at kvk

Vaccination of PPR  FMD to animals

artificial insemination to cattle was done after the programme


Gandhi Jayanthi Celebrations:


gandhi jayanthi gandhi jayanthi1
KVK Rastakuntubai celebrated Gandhi Jayanthi on 02.10.2019. RAWEP students participated in the programme
gandhi jayanthi2 gandhi jayanthi3
Awareness on usage of plastic by RAWEP students at Sivannapeta village
gandhi jayanthi4 gandhi jayanthi5
gandhi jayanthi6 gandhi jayanthi7
Dr. Bilquis, Programme Coordinator, KVK explaining about usage of plastic material to farmers at Vanjarapuguda village



Rythu Bharosa: 15.10.2019

rythu bharosa rythu bharosa1
rythu bharosa2 rythu bharosa3
  KVK Rastakuntubai Scientists explaining the farmers about new varieties of seeds and millet products at Rythu Barosa programme.



Kisan Mela: 19.10.2019 at ARS Vizianagaram

Kisan mela Kisan mela1
Honourable Vice Chancellor sir visited the KVK stall
Kisan mela2 Kisan mela3
KVK innovative farmer expalining about Multi crop seed drill KVK Released Poster on Farming systems for Nutrition ( MSSRF)



DAMU Orientation Training Programme:


Orientation to DAMU SMS Agro meteorology and Agromet Observer at ICAR, Zone-X, ATARI, CRIDA Campus, Hyderabad during 14th -19th October, 2019 was organized .


RAWEP Class: KVK Rastakuntubai conducted RAWEP class on 11.10.2019



RAWEP Class RAWEP Class1
RAWEP Class2 RAWEP Class3


Fertilizer Application Awareness Programme: 22.10.2019


Awareness programme on fertilizer application cum awareness programme on adopting fertilizer recommendations based on Soil Health Cards in coordination with stage agriculture department to be conducted by KVK Rastakuntubai on 22nd October, 2019. The live telecast of address of Hon'ble minister of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare to farmers




Training Programmes :

A.Neelima RA on Backyard poultry  nutri garden at kurupam hari kumar on ICM in cashew at Ramabadrapuram mandal
A. Neelima, RA (Home Science) conducted the training programme on Backyard poultry & nuttri garden at Kurupam Dr. V. Hari Kumar, SMS (Horticulture) conducted training programme on ICM in cashew at Ramabadrapuram mandal
P.Satyanaryana about  usage of stem applicatior in cotton y.balachandra conducted training programme
Dr. P. Satyanarayana, RA (Plant protection) explaing about usage of stem applicator in cotton Y. Balachandra, SMS (Crop Production) conducted training programmeICM in paddy
y.balachandra explaining about pest management v.hari kumar explaining about vegetable crops
Y. Balachandra, SMS (Crop Production) explaing about pest management in paddy & maize crops Dr. V. Hari Kumar, SMS (Horticulture) explaining about vegetable crops 

Visit of Principal Scientist, Bee Keeping, Vijayarai on 18.09.2019

Dr. Mohanrao, of Principal Scientist, Bee Keeping, Vijayarai visited KVK  on 18.09.2019 and monitored the Apiculture unit established under SERP. The Principal Scientist suggested various measures to be taken to multiply the honey bees and control of diseases to the plant protection scientist and unit incharge.

Visit of principal scientist Mohan rao of principal scientistBee keeping
principal scientist suggested various measures to be taken Multiply the honey bees and control of diseases to the plant protection

Uprooting of old orchards:

The old orchards trees in KVK were cut after auction of the orchard by the approved committee. After cutting, the trees will be uprooted and land levelling will be taken up and planting of new fruit plants and cashew plants will be done.

Old Orchards trees in kvk after cutting the trees

DAMU Staff Recruitment:

The Scientist Agro metrology and one Agromet observer were selected with the approved committee on 05.09.2019 at RARS, Anakapalle. The appointment orders are sent to the selected candidates to report to the duty within 15 days after receipt of the order.

Farm development works:


Harvesting of vegetables from FSN Nutri garden Ground nut and redgram demo plot

Harvesting of vegetables from FSN Nutrigarden 

Ground nut and Redgram demo plot in FSN plot
Bajra - Dhan Shakti variety in FSN Plot Paddy MTU-1156 demo plot in FSN Plot

Bajra- Dhan Shakti variety in FSN plot

Paddy MTU-1156 demo plot in FSN plot
Papaya harvested from papaya demo plot WOmen entrepreuers prepared millet products for marketing
Papaya (Red lady) harvested from papaya demo plot

Women enterpreures prepared millet products for marketing

Intercropping of tumeric Intercropping of pineapple in FSN Block

Intercropping of turmeric and pineapple in FSN block